Michelle Kozin

Founder, Service that Scales™

Michelle built Service that Scales to give entrepreneurial consultants and coaches access to the resources and support they’ll need to retain and grow recurring revenue without burning out.  

Michelle is the founder of Predictive Advisors, a consulting firm dedicated to optimizing talent, teamwork and leadership – the three areas that drive competitive advantage for every company’s people strategy. 

Michelle is a senior practitioner and certified partner of the Predictive Index, having implemented and taught it to thousands of managers during the past 15 years. Along the way, she has become a trusted advisor in the areas of hiring, leadership development, team dynamics, sales enablement and managing change. 

Earlier in her career, Michelle was an executive for The Predictive Index responsible for consultant development and enablement programs for a global network of certified partners. She has deep expertise implementing data driven methodologies to help companies grow and scale.

Michelle began her consulting career at Accenture as a change management leader, working to transform organizations by unlocking the full potential of teams and leaders. 

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